Dimensions in Time
Dimensions In Time (1993)

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In 1993, the 30th Anniversary of Doctor Who, fan expectations were rising as to what the BBC would do to celebrate the 30th year of Doctor Who. The recent Star Trek anniversary had been celebrated with special programmes and all manner of events. Rumours were going round that the BBC were to commission a special 90 minute TV film featuring all remaining Doctors. It was to be called Doctor Who and the Dark Dimension, if I remember rightly. There was even a rumour that this would be a pilot for a new series of Doctor Who. Alas it was not to be, for any of a number of reasons published, and after much speculation it was cancelled. DWB magazine (Dreamwatch) in that year published many articles regarding this doomed story. One insight into why it may have been cancelled is contained within the video production The Airzone Solution. In the "making of" section, Peter Davidson, Jon Pertwee and Colin Baker discuss the cancelled story, and give their views as to why it was not produced. (This video can be obtained from BBV, see the links page).

Don`t move, If we do this wall will fall down.Aliens invade the Queen Vic

In late 1993, the BBC decided to hold a 3D week in conjunction with Children in Need (TV Telethon). A new 3D process had been created that allowed the viewer via special glasses to see shows in 3D. Dimensions in Time was produced using this 3D process. Unlike the old process where if you watched it without glasses all you saw was a red/green blur to the picture, this new process allowed people without the glasses to view the programme in the traditional way (as you can see from the pictures here). It was quite effective. The only trouble was that for the 3D to work properly, movement needed to be made in the background and/or something passing in the foreground, in front of the principle actors. Often the camera did a 360 around the actor(s) currently talking to emphasise the 3D effect. This resulted sometimes in making the watcher a bit queasy. The glasses cost £1 and money from the sale was donated to Children in Need. Dimension in Time was shown in two parts over the Children in Need weekend. Part one lasted about 9 minutes, with part two running for about five minutes. It was shown as part of Noel's House Party - a Saturday night entertainment show, in which it was treated as a bit of a joke by the host (I won't go it this any further, but those in the UK know it well).

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The story was a bit of a mish mash and difficult to follow for the casual viewer. Basically the Rani (played by Kate O'Mara again) had captured all the Doctor's incarnations and companions in her TARDIS menagerie. They were stuck in a time loop centered on 1973, 1993, and 2013. The Doctor's had to avoid the Rani's collection of Aliens which were under her control and get to Greenwich, where they discovered one of her captives was Romana. The Doctor concluded that with having two "time brains" in the Rani's TARDIS, he could short circuit her menagerie and free his other selves and all the Aliens too. Told you it was a mish mash. Whether this skit was a very much watered down version of the cancelled story is a mystery but it has similarities. The main setting was the Eastenders lot (a BBC1 soap opera) and featured many actors from the soap. The Cutty Sark and Greenwich were also used. The skit featured loads of companions and all the Doctors, with the first two portrayed by spinning heads in the Rani's TARDIS. Two endings were actually filmed, one involving Mandy, and one involving Big Ron, both characters from the Eastenders soap. The public could phone in and vote for who they wanted to intervene in the Rani's evil plan (see picture above left) at the cliff hanger ending to part one. Mandy was chosen, and the intervention was a bit pathetic. Liz Shaw was trying to wrestle the gun away from the Rani, Mandy's intervention ended up with Liz becoming a captive of the Rani ! There was a special "making of" on a science programme called Tomorrows World. The short story was treated with disgust by fans. It was something that was supposed to be taken seriously, but ended up a hilarious mess. One bit of trivia you might like to know is that Leela (Louise Jameson pictured middle below with Sylvestor McCoy) is currently in Eastenders playing Rosa DeMarco, head of an Italian family.

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